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The last thing you want to do is to dissatisfy your customers. It is quite disappointing for online shoppers to want to purchase a product and they end up discovering that it is out of stock.

One thing that is common among Shopify stores is that they usually experience stockouts. A stockout occurs when inventory gets finished. If customers want to handle issues concerning stock outs effectively, then, they should use Shopify back in stock notification App

What can Shopify back in stock alerts help you do? It can help customers notify shoppers when products are available if they subscribe to it using the back in stock notification app.


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What is a Back in Stock Notification App?

Back in stock Notification app gives shoppers an opportunity to subscribe to unavailable stocks through various means such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, and web push notifications. When the online store stocks up, shoppers are notified via the platform they are most active in. Some of the ways shoppers get this notification are through the out-of-stock notification app.

Importance of Shopify Back in Stock Alerts Notification App for your Shopify Store

Your online store will gain a lot from using back-in-stock alerts. I have compiled what your business will gain from using back in-store alerts. Some of them are:

  1. Attract and keep new shoppers.

One of the beautiful things back in stock alerts helps you do, is that it helps you to attract and keep new shoppers who show interest in your product. They can fill your subscription form and purchase the product when it is available. Back in stock alerts simplifies things for you as a Shopify store. It helps you to successfully satisfy the needs of new shoppers. New shoppers can choose to use the Shopify restocks notification app so they will get notified when new stocks come in or they can also get knowledge of available products.

  1. Automatically notify them when products are back in stock

As a Shopify store, you should prioritize satisfying your customers each time they visit your online store. If you can do this, your customers will stay loyal to you and your competitors will find it difficult to attract them to their store. With back-in-stock alerts, your customers are assured of absolute satisfaction. They are updated on the unavailability of stocks if they subscribe using the Shopify out-of-stock notification app.

  1. Back in Stock Alerts to Re-engage Shoppers

With back-in-stock alerts, you can easily monitor the needs of customers. This will help you increase your email and subscription lists. You can even get access to other information that concerns them, like their mobile contacts and Facebook accounts. restock alert app contains emails of shoppers that subscribed to your online store.

  1. Grow your Shopify store via back in stock alerts Shopify app

Shopify Back in stock notification gives you an opportunity to sell to customers that indicated an interest in buying your product. If these customers come back to buy from your Shopify store after getting information from the Shopify restocks notification app you will record tremendous growth in sales. And there is nothing that excites Shopify store owners more than making great sales.

How do stockouts affect your Shopify sales?

A business can lose its esteem or reputation if they are unable to meet customers’ demands and targets. If your business does not maintain great control over its inventory it can lead to loss of sales which will also lead to a decrease in revenue and thereafter cause a reduction of profitability. If your business cannot provide what shoppers want at the particular time they want it, it will make you lose out on sales.

It is obvious that you are not the only online store that shoppers can buy what they want from. So, stockouts can cause your shoppers to migrate to patronize your competitors. If you don’t want that they should start working on using back in stock alerts to meet your shopper’s needs. You cannot always rely on customers’ loyalty to make sales especially when they have a wide range of options available in the market. With the back-in-stock notification app, your customers would be notified when products are available.

Now that you are aware of how stockouts can affect Shopify sales, I am sure you would want to know how to avoid stockouts and satisfy your shopper’s needs.

To avoid stockouts, you need to have a good knowledge of the movement of your inventory in Shopify stores. If you properly monitor the sales of your products, you will make arrangements for quick stock ups. It will also help to reduce the length of time you will have to wait for new stocks to come in. You will also need to sign up on the Quick Stock Notifier Shopify App so you can inform your customers when new stocks arrive And then customers can be notified via emails when a product is available using Quick Stock Notifier App.

To tackle the issue of stockouts, you will need to do a regular analysis of the movement of inventory in your store, constant monitoring of inventory, and the rate at which your products are demanded.

No matter how you try to effectively combat stockouts, you may not get everything right at all times. There are certain times where you will experience stockouts and you will have to wait for a while to stock up. When this happens, you need to have an established structure so that you don’t completely lose your prospective shoppers to the hands of your competitors.


Install Quick Stock Notifier App


How does back in stock product alerts Shopify app work?

Step 1 Your Shopper visits stockouts product page.

When your shopper visits your Shopify store, they see a product they want to purchase, and then they discover that the product is unavailable–they will fill a subscription form using the quick stock notifier app and when the products are available, they will get notified either through the restocks notification app


Back in Stock Alerts shopify app

Step 2: Your Shopper subscribes to back in stock alerts

After your shopper indicates interest in buying a product, they subscribe to receive information when the online store stocks up. Most online stores allow the shopper to choose their preferred method of communication when they are filling their subscription form. And then, when the online store stock up, the shopper receives a notification that is automated informing them about the availability of the product they indicated an interest in.


Shopify restock notification alert app

Step 3: Successful Purchase

When the shopper receives the message the online store sent, they will read through it and go back to the Shopify store to purchase the product they showed interest in. One other thing the automated process does is, it ensures that shoppers are always updated about products without them going through the stress of waiting all the time to see if products have been stocked up.


Shopify Restock Notification App


Step 4: Completed Journey

When the shopper finally makes a purchase, the Shopify store adds them to the completed list of back-in-stock subscribers.

To enjoy best practices for back-in-stock alerts, ensure you customize the subscription widget. Let your brand be well captured in the confirmation message. Let your back-in-stock message be simple and concise. Also, make sure you use an image that has high quality. Don’t also forget to show shoppers the price of your product. Display products that are similar so that shoppers can have a wide range of similar products they can choose from. Ensure you automate your stock alert app so that shoppers can get notified immediately you stock up.

I am sure that with what you have read so far, you have learned a great deal about how important back in stock alerts is to you as a Shopify merchant.

Use back in stock alerts to increase revenue and reduce the losses that come with frequent stock out.


Back in Stock SMS and Email Notification App Customization

HubifyApps is so interested in making things easier for your Shopify store. They have an option where you as an online store owner can notify your customers via SMS and emails when products they indicated an interest in are now available. When these customers get notified, they can then go ahead to purchase their selected products. Automatically notify them when products are back in stock, prices have dropped, and more.

The good thing about this SMS and email template is that you can customize it with a beautiful logo and suitable colors that will fit your taste. Customers can also choose to edit the content of their email or SMS notifications anytime they want. It is something that can be easily done.


Install Back in Stock Notification App

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