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wish list app

Are you running an eCommerce store without a wishlist feature? Time to step up your online game with Shopify Wishlist App.

With the ever-growing competition in eCommerce in 2021, online businesses are bound to use eCommerce marketing strategies to stand out in the market. And wishlist is a proven eCommerce tactic that increases the sales for your Shopify store.

Making your online store a success is exciting and challenging at the same time. Be it stocking inventory, laying the groundwork, or driving traffic – everything is a big challenge. And then, getting customers to make a purchase is a whole other ballgame. Here, the Shopify wishlist app comes into play.

Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Every Shopify store owner intends to convert maximum customers and increase sales.

Let’s start from the beginning, you already have your Shopify store up and running, it looks great and has ample products for sale. The hopes are extremely high. But there is no point if there are no sales. Right?

That’s why you need the best Shopify wishlist app that can increase your sales and grow your business in 2021. Wishlists were once thought of as a “cool feature” for the Shopify store. As more and more online stores have started using the feature, it is now clear that wishlist actually plays a key role in overall sales conversion and abandoned cart recovery strategy.

What is a Wishlist App?

A wishlist is an excellent feature that helps your customers plan for their future purchases. If customers can’t buy their choice of products right away, they can save them in the wishlist.

The amazing app does not only improve the shopping experience of your customers, but also helps businesses to capture sales, and convert maximum online visitors.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, you love customers on your online store and customers love wishlists. The customers have the license to window-shop without any time or budget restraints. And these online shoppers build millions of wishlists every day, across countless online stores. After all, nothing beats the satisfaction of coming back to buy something added to the wishlist long ago.

The best Shopify wishlist app helps you to improve customer retention loyalty, conversions, sales and ultimately, grow your business like never before. When a customer creates a wishlist, they can quickly pick up where they left off. This clearly means your online store has picked up extra revenue. Not only revenues, but it also helps you with the planning of marketing campaigns as you can see which products are popular by the number of people those products in their wishlist. You can create ultra-targeted email marketing or other campaigns to sell the product.

 Benefits of Wishlist App For Customers:

  • Save desired items of customers and remind them to purchase
  • Share the wishlist with friends and family via Email
  • Get notified of the availability of “out of stock products”

For Shopify Store Owners

  • Re-engage customers who exhibited interest and hesitation to purchase
  • Plan email marketing campaigns based on the wishlist of customers
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment rates on your Shopify store
  • Easy customization of wishlist functionality and reminder email templates
  • Get detailed analysis and reports of wishlist app activities on your Shopify store

wishlist app fetures

Why Should Use a Shopify Wishlist app?

Besides the obvious benefits of improving the online shopping experience of customers, wishlist has the power of providing strategic value to Shopify store owners. Read on to explore

how this app can create a seamless shopping experience for customers while increasing the sales of your online store in several ways.

  • Wishlists capture the mind of customers – When you will put all the wishlist data from hundreds or thousands of wishlists for intelligent analysis, you can get deep insights about your customers, products listed on the store, and overall store  Some of the key insights include identification of consumer trends, the effectiveness of your follow-up email marketing campaigns, reasons for incomplete orders. Ultimately, wishlist provides a glimpse into your customer’s world. The best Shopify wishlist app will offer all of this data to establish a deeper, emotional bond with your customers and ultimately, drive more sales.
  • Wishlists can drive more online traffic – Making your wishlists shareable is an excellent way to attract a lot of new visitors to your Shopify store. It helps you to raise awareness, promote your products, and translate more visitors into customers. So, implementing a wishlist app on your store is a reliable tactic to increase traffic to your online
  • Wishlistshelp you to manage out-of-stock items  Losing customers because of out-of-stock products is a bane. But the wishlist app comes to the rescue for Shopify store  It allows customers to save the out-of-stock product to their wishlist and send them a reminder mail or notification once it is back in supply. It automatically generates more sales by gaining the lost customers.
  • Wishlistsdrive customer engagement  Wishlists are important for customers as well as online retailers, but for different reasons. The Shopify wishlist app is precious for store owners but it is  equally valuable for customers  The store owners can recommend personalized products and discounts to the customers on the basis of customer behavior analysis to drive more sales.
  • Wishlistsare reminders  Creating a wishlist offers the flexibility to buy things  So, the best Shopify wishlist app act as reminders to purchase things you will need in the future. And if the customers forget, the amazing features of the Shopify wishlist app  allow you to send reminder emails and notifications to push them to move the wishlist items into the cart and complete the order.


Get started to boost sales for your Shopify store in 2021

Wishlist is surely a great tool to encourage sales in your Shopify store. Along with improving the online shopping experience of customers, it also creates a new sales funnel for your online business. You can convert your browsing visitors, get your abandoned cart orders completed, reactivate idle customers, and win back disappointed customers too.

So, it a no-brainer to start using the wishlist app and ace the eCommerce business this year and beyond. If you are finding the best app to, the wishlist app has been receiving a lot of traction in recent times. You can check the app here.


Happy selling!!

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