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Super Recommendation App

Super Recommendations

Super Recommendations App leads to more business & sales on Shopify. Customers buy more products on Shopify when they see recommended products. Customers browse the collection that is listed under the Recommended section and views the products. They spend more time selecting products and looking at other products listed on the Shopify store. 

Choice of Products

On your Shopify store, you can make more sales by adding super recommendations app for your customers. Along with sending a text, collection, type, and vendor, the customer can view other recommended products for purchasing. These products can be chosen by you or generated automatically for the customer. Based on the selection, products will be shown for the customers as recommended. 

The recommended products can be added to the home page, catalog, product, cart, or even in the browsing section. Recommended products lead to engaging customers with the products offered in your store. The customer will browse the products on your store, starting from the products which are recommended. 

Set the Recommended Products

You can lead the customer to discover certain products that you want the customer to view. In this section, the most trending products or the latest collection can be included. These recommendations can be made automatically, without any manual selection. The recommendation will promote the products and lead to better sales conversions. Whether it is a product or a product that you want to clear, it can be placed in the recommended section. The customer will click on the recommended product and lead to the page with the details of the product. The likeness of the customer discovering the product and considering it for purchase increases with the ease of discovery. 


Install Super Recommendations Shopify App

Increase Sales

The recommended products will lead to an overall increase in sales of the store. Customers will be discovering the products which are categorized as recommended. These products will be considered for purchase.

Categorize Trending products in Recommended Section

The New, Top Selling, Popular, Related, Limited, etc. products can be categorized as the recommended products. As the admin, you can choose the products you want to promote in the recommended section. The customer can browse the curated section and check out more products offered in your store. 

The products displayed can be categorized on the basis of the same or related collection, same vendor, related products, paired products, or even products that are trending or appropriate for the season. 

Increase of each order value

The customer is likely to add more products to their cart when they discover products as recommended after they have already selected a product to their liking. The Customer will consider more products even after making the desired selection and will browse through the collections. After considering the products and browsing through the recommendations, the customer is likely to finalize more products for purchase. The overall value of the order placed by the customer is increased as compared to the initial selection as more than one product is purchased. This will lead to the increase of AOV – Average Order Value. 

Customer Experience

The customer experience for each visitor of the store increases with the recommended section. The selection of products recommended by the store, creates customer engagement with the visitor. The Customer is able to browse products that will make the experience better and help in making the purchase. The Customer views the products which the store recommends for purchase. These recommended products define the selection which the customer will like to purchase or products which the store is known for offering. The Customer is likely to look at these products and make the purchase. 

Widget Customisation

The Page configuration and widgets can be customized as per your choice. The widgets can be placed on the website of the store as desired. This includes placing the widget on the homepage, cart, browsing page, product page, recommended page, New arrivals, or any other page that the website has. The widget can be customized as per the layout and design of the website and placed as required. 

Automatic or Manual Recommendations:

The recommended products can be arranged automatically on the basis of product type, collection, vendor, etc tags. These recommendations are generated without any manual or admin intervention. On the basis of the preference and priority of choice, the recommendations will be generated. 

Manual Recommendations will include the products which you as the admin want to include on the page. After selecting the main product, you can select the other products for the category. These recommendations can be changed and controlled by you as the admin, and modified depending on the selection that you wish to be discovered. 

These products whether selected automatically or manually will be suggested to the customer as recommended products of the store. 


As the admin, you can select exclusions of products that are not included in the recommended section. These products will be excluded from the other products which are part of the recommended section and it will not be displayed with the other recommended products. 

Tracking of Data

The Admin gets the data of the products which are being selected and clicked. The admin gets the information of the additional clicks and purchases made through the discovery of the products in the recommended section. Not just the overall increase in sales, but the increase of the products which are selected for the recommended section clearly indicates the effect of the Super Recommendation App. Additional to this data, raw information is available to understand the accurate conversion rate due to the Super Recommendation App. 

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