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increase shopify store sales


Stockouts are common in the eCommerce world, and if your store hasn’t run into too many out-of-stocks in the past few months, the chances are that you’re living a charmed life. 

But what happens when suddenly stockouts become a recurring problem? It can quickly cause your business to suffer. Then there is the need to update your inventory online regularly.

What if everything is done in-house and out-of-stock items force you to dump your inventory or cut back on orders? Suddenly your days of eCommerce cloud nine are gone.

But, not anymore! That is if you install the in-stock alert app on your Shopify store. “HubifyApps’ Quick Stock Notifier App” takes the guesswork out of restocking and keeps your customers happy – and coming back for more.

Intrigued? Well, dive straight in to know more about the Quick Stock Notifier app and how you can increase your Shopify sales. 


What is a Quick Stock Notifier App



The Quick Stock Notifier allows you to notify your customer through email and SMS when your stock levels reach a specific point.

It is incredibly flexible, and you can also customize the templates and alerts to tempt users to make a purchase from your site. With HubifyApps’ quick notifier app, you can: 

  • Send Product Variant-Specific Alerts
    With the Quick Stock Notifier app of HubifyApps, customers can choose to restock alerts even for specific variant combinations such as style, color, and size.
  • Capture More Sales
    With this app, you just need to let customers know that their desired product is back in stock. Hence, increased sales. 
  • Send Notifications Instantly
    This app also enables you to have full control over what alerts are sent out and when. Take action, and you can notify your customers in real-time.
  • Have Access to an Easy Dashboard
    Quick Stock Notifier App’s dashboard will help you keep track of your sales and when items are back in stock.

How Does It Work

Here is how the Quick Stock Notifier app works. 

      • Storefront pop-up
        Users subscribe to get a notification for their preferred but out-of-stock product through a storefront pop-up. They can either opt for SMS notification on email notification.
      • Customer Enlist
      • Alert Sent
        Next, customers receive an SMS/email alert when their favorite product is back in stock. The alert will be sent to them immediately for 3 days continuously. The alerts using HubifyApps can be customized according to your needs so that you can prompt customers to take action. Once users purchase from the received link, alerts will be halted automatically. 
      • Successful Purchase
        As soon as customers receive the in-stock notification, they return to the store to complete their purchase. 
      • Get Revenue
        Thanks to the Quick Stock Notifier app from HubifyApps, Shopify stores get increased sales and revenue.

Why Should You Use The Quick Stock Notifier App On Your Shopify Store

should use quick stock Notifier app

If you own a Shopify store, there are few things more frustrating than having your store shut down for lack of stock. Let this application from HubifyApps help you find out when to keep them open again by telling you when your products will be in stock. 

Here is why you should use the HubifyApps Quick Stock Notifier app.  

  • To Recover Lost Sales
    In eCommerce, time is your most important resource. So you need to make every sale count. One of the biggest reasons for store closure is the lack of products in stock. 
    So, any app that can help you know when new products will be in stock and recover your lost sales is a must. 
  • To Generate Social Proof
    To stand out from the rest of the stores, you can use an app that tells your customers when a particular product gets back in stock so they can purchase it. This will give your store a high-quality user experience and build your credibility among potential customers. 
  • To Enhance Customer Experience 
    The HubifyApps Quick Stock Notifier app can bring back customers to your Shopify store to complete a purchase by sending in-stock alerts. This, in turn, enhances customer experience and boosts the ROI. 
  • To Sustain Customer Interest
    The app will tell your customers when the item is back in stock so that they can keep shopping at your store. This will keep them coming back and eventually buy more products from your store. This helps you recover lost sales. 
  • To gain customer insights
    Customer data can be used in many ways to improve the customer experience.
    For example, you can use it to improve the checkout process by showing customers recommendations on what they should buy or how much other items they have purchased from your store. This app can help you gain insight into product selection, user behavior and increase sales.

How to Increase Sales by Using The HubifyApps Quick Stock Notifier App  

By setting up back-in-stock alerts, you can easily manage the time that you have spent sending out in-stock notifications to your customers. So, you can have your energy saved for all those promotional ideas going through your head to increase your sales. 

Let’s have a look at some more ways to increase your Shopify store sales. 

  • Use a Catchy & Clear Subject Line 
    The email subject line should be clever, catchy, and straightforward as it is the first thing a user reads in an email. An effective way of writing the email subject line is to write a complete sentence to catch users’ attention.

    For example, ‘ABCD Acne Pimple Master Patch Back in Stock & on Sale.’ This gives customers an overview of the products that are back in stock and how much they cost.
  • Notify Your Customers As Soon As Possible
    You should aim to send this email within six hours of the stock arriving at your store. This allows you to create a greater impact, especially as customers have limited time to react. The longer you wait, the more customers will forget about it and refrain from visiting your store.
  • Include Images Of The Product
    Including images of the product helps engage potential customers and reassure them that your email is legitimate. It is also a good tactic to include a picture as it makes the email more visually appealing.
  • Leverage personalization
    Personalizing your email is a great tactic to increase your sales using an in-stock alert app. It allows you to tailor your email and direct it to individual customers based on their specific behaviors.



HubifyApps’ stock alert app comes with two different pricing options from which you can select depending upon your requirements. The plans are as follows:

Standard Plan: The standard plan of HubifyApps In-Stock Alert App will cost you $8 per month. In this basic plan, you can send unlimited emails and 15 SMS in a month. Also, this plan includes customized notification pop-ups, SMS & email template, customer enlists, notifications sent, and revenue.  

Premium Plan: For availing of the services of the premium plan, you have to pay $12 per month. Along with all the features in the Standard plan, you will also get an option of removing HubifyApps branding from your storefront notification.  

Note: Both the plans come with a 3-days trial offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is HubifyApp’s Quick Stock Notifier app? 

Ans.  In-stock alert apps help Shopify stores notify their customer whenever an out-of-stock product comes back in stock. As a result, the Quick Stock Notifier app helps increase customer satisfaction and escalate sales. 

Q. Can I get an in-stock alert app at an affordable price? 

Ans- Absolutely! At HubifyApps, we offer applications at affordable and monthly rates, keeping the users’ interest in mind, so you do not need to worry about making a dent in your pocket. 

Q. How does an in-stock alert app work? 

Ans- By configuring the in-stock alert app, your customers can quickly get notifications via email or SMS whenever their favorite products come back in stock. 

Q. How can I disable the Quick Stock Notifier app from HubifyApps? 

Ans- To disable the app, simply visit the customization section on the dashboard. By clicking on app integration, disable the storefront pop-up.  

Q. Does the app work manually? 

Ans- No, customers automatically get a notification when a product is in stock. 

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