• Can I disable Storefront Pop-up?
  • Yes, you can disable it. On the dashboard go into customisation section---> App integration, you will see step 2 over there then set off to disable Storefront Pop-up.
  • Can I get support from you directly?
  • Yes. Just email us at support@hubifyapps.com and our team will help you with any queries like App installation, set up to match your theme, customisation, and troubleshooting any issues.
  • Can I manually send a customer notification?
  • Customer notification is sent automatically when a product is in stock. There isn't a way to manually send a customer notification.
    If having any issue in sending customer notification, please email us at support@hubifyapps.com with the name of the product variant. We will check why the email hasn't been sent out for you.
  • When installing a new theme do I need to re-install Quick Stock Notifier ?
  • There's no need to re-install the app when changing or updating a theme. You need to update or adjust some settings as On the dashboard go into customisation section---> App integration---> Select your theme. If having any issue with this, please email us at support@hubifyapps.com
  • How much does Quick Stock Notifier cost?
  • Quick Stock Notifier is available with one Monthly plan only $8/Month including 3-days free trial.
  • How do I uninstall the app?
  • Simply go to your Apps screen in your Shopify store and delete the app.