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The MyWishlist application allows your customers to save and return to their favorite items at their convenience. People can share their respective wish lists with friends and family over email so that a community atmosphere is created around your store. You will also have the option to send reminder notifications to customers to get them back to your store front to purchase their saved items. MyWishlist will even provide you advanced analytics on your customers’ spending habits and preferences so that you can continuously cultivate a better shopping experience.

Hubify Earn loyalty & Rewards

AI: Loyalty, Referrals & More

The AI: Loyalty, Referrals & More program lets you seamlessly entice and motivate customers to continuously shop at your store. Manage a system where every store purchase leads to points and rewards for customers that can in return be redeemed for more store items. With this program, you’ll be able to develop customer loyalty, while truly maximizing the brand potential for your store. Track all point activities from reward to redemption with our seamless and user-friendly dashboard.

Quick Stock Notifier
Quick Stock Notifier

Quick Stock Notifier

The Quick Stock Notifier application is a restock alerting application that notifies customers via email or SMS for any selected product. With this application in place, customers can easily choose to be alerted when their favorite product is back in stock. Alerts can be customized to cater to individual preferences, including all combinations of specific size, color, and style. For your benefit, Quick Stock Notifier will send you reports on the number of emails/SMS messages that have been sent, received, and lead to new orders. Furthermore, you will be able to figure out the top products in demand, and in doing so, will have more information to better manage your inventory and sales.

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HubifyApps is a leading Shopify & Bigcommerce partner and app developer. We help companies around the world with App development, website development, Strategy, and implementation of custom Shopify & Bigcommerce applications. We provide extensive technical support in these domains and are available around-the-clock to ensure our customer needs are met.

We have a history of publishing successful Shopify & Bigcommerce apps and can provide other eCommerce solutions and strategies at your request. With our work, you can win more customers, earn more revenue, and ultimately reach the eCommerce success you are looking for.