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Volume & Tiered Pricingt App on Shopify

Offer Volume discounts & tiered pricing to your customers based on product volume and quantity breaks that help to increase sales. This app lets you set up discounted pricing in minutes. You can create your discounts offer, quantity break, cart upsell offer, product discount, and notification bar that Incentivize customers to add more items to the cart and buy in bulk.

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Watch a brief overview video

Understand the workflow of the application to see how it gives you options to create discount offers to win your customer and improve your sales.


Key Features of Volume & Tiered Pricing


Front-end Features

This App allows you to activate the settings of all offers & discounts to show info through the notification bar on all pages, table grid on the single product page.


Show Discount in Table View

You can create your discount in table format to show on the product page. You can add minimum & maximum product quantity with the respective discount you want to share with your customers.


Cart Upsell offers

Offer quantity discounts on the cart page with notification bar, bulk discount, and price drop to increase order quantity. Increase your cart value with smart upsells driven by discounts.


Show Discount with Notification bar

You can create your own notification bar to show offers on all pages. It attracts customers to purchase more quantity and get discounts accordingly.


Custom Offers

Create custom offers based on the discounted pricing & quantity-based discounts. Offer a discount for a specific customer by customer tags, percentage-based volume, and quantity discounts.



Design your own table view, notification bar, cart upsell offers & custom offers to match with your theme.

How It Works

Import Your Product

Import Your Product

You need to import your products after app installation to create respective offers & discounts.

Set Offers

Set Offers

You can create your owner offers, offer in the table view on the products and discount offer on the cart page with notification bar, price drop.



Design your own table view, notification bar, cart upsell offers & custom offers to match with your theme.

Check Front-end

Check Front-end

Check created offers & discounts on the product page, cart page.

Get Revenue

Get Revenue

You can easily track the sales generated by the app. It gives your complete detail of the orders on store.

Quick Email & SMS Notifier

Show Available Offers

Show customize offer(s) through notification bar & table view to encourage customers to get discounts if they spend/purchase more.

Powerful Upsell Cart Feature

Allow your shoppers to utilize the benefits of volume & quantity break discounts or, buy X get Y through upsell features on the cart page.


Shopify Pricing Plans


$10/month (3 days free trial)
  • Send Email & SMS notifications to unlimited customers
  • Customize notification pop-up, Email & SMS template
  • Set visibility for notification types (Only Email, Only SMS, or Both)
  • Get number of products, subscription received and notification sent
  • Advance Analytics Dashboard

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.