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Persistent & Share Cart

Very few customers purchase items on their first visit as most of the customers add their favorite items to the cart and switch to other devices. Persistent & Share Cart remembers the customer's cart when they log-in on another device to complete their orders and also provides options to share cart items with friends.

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Watch a brief overview video

Understand the workflow of the application to see how it saves customers cart across all devices & allow them to share vail email and link.


Key Features of Persistent & Share Cart


Remember Cart Items

Persistent & Share Cart app allows customers to save the cart items across all devices and decreases your store's abandoned carts.


Share Cart Items

Customers can share cart items with friends as guests user also, there is no login compulsory on the store. Sharing of cart's items is done in 2 ways on the front-end. Via Email & Shareable link.


Front-end Feature

There are 2 front-end features: a) Cart Feature which remembers your cart items across all devices and b) Share Feature that allows you to share cart’s items with friends.


Dashboard & Analytics

Management is easy through the app dashboard. As an admin, you can track all activities like numbers of sharing, successful purchases, revenue generated, history, and reports.



Admin can customize the cart icon color, text, email box label, format, & color of the Persistent & Share Cart front-end feature to match with the theme.


Increase Sales

Persistent & Share Cart makes everything easy for customers to complete their orders across all devices and also allows customers to share cart Items which Increases orders, new customers & customer retention.

How It Works

One Click Installation

One Click Installation

Simply install, and this app works on your store. No coding and integration part is required.

Enable Setting & Cart Icon

Enable Setting & Cart Icon

You need to enable app storefront feature setting on the dashboard & customize cart Icon.

Add to Cart & Share

Add to Cart & Share

Logged-in & Guest users both can share their cart items with friends via email & link.

Ask Your friend

Ask Your friend

It will ask your friend to continue checkout as the shared items are most top selling.

Get Revenue

Get Revenue

Share cart Items which Increase purchases, sales, new customers & customer retention.


Persistent Cart & Share

Customers can complete their orders across all devices and decrease your store's abandoned carts. It also allows customers to share cart Items on the front-end.

Easy Management

Simply install as no coding and integration part is required. Admin can easily track the cart sharing, successful orders, conversion ratio & revenue. All customization options are available to manage.


Shopify Pricing Plans


$6.99/month (30 days free trial)
  • Login On Any Device & Persist Your Cart
  • Share Cart with Friends
  • Easy Customisation
  • Enable/Disable Option
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Increase New Sales

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.